Dailies | Tim Tebow Teases NFL Return on ‘GMA': ‘I'm the Best I've Ever Been’ (Video)

The football star also addressed his Super Bowl commercial and did some cooking on the ABC morning show

Tim Tebow co-hosted on Friday's Superbowl-themed episode of ABC's “Good Morning America” and said that he's more than ready to return to pro ball.

The former Denver Bronco and New York Jets player said that his time off from the NFL has given him a chance to get back to the form.

“Right now, I'm the best I've ever been,” the Heisman Trophy winner told “GMA” co-anchor Robin Roberts.

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When Roberts brought up the criticism that his “mechanics” weren't right for the game, he said he has been training heavily in Los Angeles and going back to ground zero.

“We went back to the beginning. We worked on the basics,” he said. “I'm looking forward to an opportunity to share that.”

His hiatus from the field has also afforded him other opportunities, which he poked fun at in a recently released Super Bowl commercial for T Mobile.

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“All those different vignettes were awesome. And being able to laugh the whole time for two days in a row, it was priceless. We loved it,” he said to the show's co-anchors of shooting the commercial.

He then added, “I'm pretty open. You try to change it up a little bit, go outside your comfort zone and show a different side.”

Watch the interview with Robin Roberts above.

And below, see what else Tebow had to say about the Super Bowl commercial and find out how to cook “his game day filet.”

  • James

    Tebow is a good QB, but his outspoken religious beliefs are a turnoff to many teams-that's why I also refuse to watch the Duck Dynasty TV show. Many people will watch him to see what kind of Christian message will be displayed on TV instead of watching a good football game. Peyton Manning is more classy than Tebow-Peyton quietly does his job without pouting after a loss or doing a touchdown dance/fist pump after a victory. If Peyton does goes to church, it's a private affair between him and God, not all of the world.
    Tebow is kind of like a less douchy version of Terrell Owens, except that he quotes the Bible on National TV instead of trying to get as many phone numbers from women, TV shows, and shoe contracts.