‘Turn': Get a Sneak Peek at AMC's Revolutionary War Spy Drama (Exclusive Photos)

See Jamie Bell, Heather Lind and others in AMC's upcoming historical thriller

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Jamie Bell as Abraham Woodhull and Heather Lind as Anna Strong
  • A.L. Hern

    Click through WHAT photos?

  • photos?

    There is only one photo…. hardly worth an “exclusive” story

  • spartantown

    There are five photos to scroll through

  • Bob

    Back in the 1770's I doubt even British officers could keep their uniforms that clean and new-looking. If you are going to do a “period piece,” why not make the characters look authentic? The civilians all have nice, new and clean clothes. People in those days were lucky if they owned a second set of clothes. Nice, polished furniture – give me a break. Just looking at the pictures the show seems about as realistic as Bonanza.