10 Most-Loved Hollywood Stars and Influencers on Periscope: Ellen DeGeneres, Dwayne Johnson, Amanda Oleander

TV personalities, Vine stars and a relatively unknown artist top the list of L.A.-based favorites on Twitter’s live-streaming app

Twitter’s live-streaming app Periscope has been up and running for just over a month and already some clear favorites have emerged on the mobile platform. Popular users are measured by the number of followers they have, as well as the number of “hearts” they’ve racked up. Double-tapping on the screen generates a stream of colorful hearts — the equivalent of a flurry of Facebook Likes. Based on all that tapping, TheWrap has compiled a list of some of the top L.A.-based people on Periscope’s “Most Loved” list.

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show"
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Ellen DeGeneres
Along with offering up some fun behind-the-scenes content, DeGeneres has promoted the Periscope app on her show and encouraged audience participation. “Periscope is an app that lets you stream anything you want any time of day to strangers all around the world. That’s the good news,” DeGeneres told her daytime talk show viewers. “The bad news is it lets you live stream anything you want any time of day to strangers all around the world.”

Dwayne Johnson
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Dwayne Johnson
The Rock was an early user of the app and played up Periscope to promote the “Furious 7” movie premieres. “As the first actor to #Periscope from a massive Hollywood red carpet. I’ll try not to screw it up,” he tweeted on April 1. Not only did Johnson not screw it up, he set the stage for similar red carpet tag-along experiences.

Josh Malina of "Scandal" (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Josh Malina
The “Scandal” star (also known for his work on “The West Wing” and “Sports Night”) has earned lots of love by engaging in AMAs on Periscope from his home office, plus taking people on a tour of the “Scandal” set, featuring his co-stars. “I liked the hearts,” tweeted Malina when asked about the difference between live streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope.

Marcus Johns

Johns already enjoys celebrity status inside the Twitter ecosystem, thanks to his popular Vine account. Some of his entertaining streams have included aerobic dancing on Hollywood Blvd in fluorescent green shorts.

Aaron Paul
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Aaron Paul The Breaking Bad star has opted for quality over quantity on Periscope. While not the most active user, he delivered one of the most talked about live streams, taking viewers into his living room to listen to an acoustic performance by Jack Garratt.

Amanda Oleander
A Los Angeles-based artist, Oleander quickly became one of Periscope’s most popular personalities.
“I was surprised. I have never been really popular on any other social media app,” Oleander told The Wrap in an interview. She says her streams are focused around motivational talks, exploring Los Angeles and connecting with her audience. “My periscope family (what I like to call them) and I are already talking about a world tour,” she said. “I would love to connect with them in person and use the exposure to help jumpstart the careers of a lot of them.”

Cristela Alonzo and Adam Shapiro in "Cristela" (ABC)

Adam Shapiro & Cristela Alonzo
Shapiro was an early Periscope adopter, streaming live from the “Scandal” set with his wife Katie Lowes. The charismatic comedian then teamed up with costar Alonzo to connect with fans and build buzz for the season finale of ABC’s “Cristela” using the hashtag #CristelaShappyPeriscopeParty.

Chris Sacca & Matt Mazzeo, Lowercase Capital
Lowercase Capital

Chris Sacca & Matt Mazzeo, Lowercase Capital
The L.A.-based early stage investors have been busy answering tech investing questions all around town, be it the beach or a hackathon at UCLA, in addition to Mazzeo’s morning talk show with coffee klatch partner Abby Chambers.