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‘The 100’ Original Cast Member Exits With Major Character Death (Spoilers)

The death wave is coming, but not everyone made it ’til the end

(Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you have not watched Wednesdays’ episode of “The 100,” titled “The Other Side.”)

After a season-long battle with depression and suicidal tendencies, one of the original delinquents to fall from the sky as part of “The 100” finally died.

Jasper (Devon Bostick) succumbed to self-induced poisoning in the arms of his best friend Monty (Christopher Larkin), who told him he loved him just in time, one last time.

“Thank you @devbostick for your wonderful portrayal of Jasper. You will be missed!” the show’s official Twitter tweeted during the episode, confirming his fate.

But all was not lost for Monty, who is reunited with girlfriend Harper (Chelsey Reist) – thankfully she changed her mind and decided not to die after all.

Elsewhere, everyone was still trying to survive.

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) faced the brunt of her decisions from last week and tried to keep Bellamy (Bob Morley) from opening the bunker door to save Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and the Grounders trapped on the surface.

She relents just in time, and the Blake siblings are reunited, but Echo (Tasya Teles) is denied entry to the bunker after one too many betrayals.

Now the Arkers are faced with a familiar problem: With the rest of the Grounders let into the bunker, there’s only enough room for 100 of their own people. Octavia stipulates Bellamy gets one of the spots, but they must choose the other 99.

Two episodes of “The 100” Season 4 remain, but if you’re worried about everyone’s fates, don’t worry, the show’s already been renewed for a fifth season.

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