11 Essential ‘Mad Men’ Quotes: From Pitch Perfect Don Draper to Deadpan Roger Sterling (Photos)

Relive some of the AMC series’ most poignant, funny and unforgettable lines ahead of Sunday’s final season premiere

After the ashtrays are emptied and the ice cubes melted, AMC’s “Mad Men” leaves some unforgettable lines of dialogue that will satisfy streaming fans and inspire GIFs for years to come.

The unlikely hit premiered in 2007 and, according to many television fans and critics, sparked a golden age of scripted dramas in television.

It made stars of lead Jon Hamm and his shamelessly talented supporting cast including Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss, John Slattery and January Jones. Costume designer Janie Bryant became the admiration of the fashion industry and showrunner Matthew Weiner was cemented as an innovative creative force.

With all that said, where does one begin calculating the legacy of “Mad Men”?

In step with Sunday’s finale premiere, here are 11 of the the most essential “Mad Men” lines:

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