Actor Who Plays Rapist on ’13 Reasons Why’ Cries as He Reads Letter From Fan (Video)

“You’re showing someone that needs to be put out there and talked about”

If you’re a fan of the Netflix drama “13 Reasons Why,” you probably have more than 13 reasons to hate Bryce Walker, the show’s high school bully and rapist.

Walker, played by actor Justin Prentice, is the co-captain of the Liberty High’s football and baseball team and Hannah Baker’s twelfth reason for killing herself after raping her one night at a party at his home.

A new video, first published by BuzzFeed Thursday, has something fans of the show may enjoy: watching Bryce Walker cry.

Ahead of Season 2, Netflix commissioned a study from Northwestern University, examining how young people and adults reacted to the show, according to BuzzFeed.

The show released an exclusive video Thursday of Prentice reading a letter from a fan, who also happens to be a sexual assault survivor.

And as it turns out, Prentice is nothing like the guy he plays in the show.

Prentice starts off talking about some of the responses he’s gotten on social media, including some people calling him a “rapist.”

“Bryce is awful,” Prentice says in the video. “I think at the end of the day people just want to troll, so I take it all in stride,” he said.

Prentice is then given a letter from a fan who is a sexual assault survivor.

“You portray a person I’m terrified of,” the fan wrote. “But you’re showing someone that needs to be put out there and talked about.”

That’s when she says the one thing that has Prentice choking up tears.

“Thanks for saving my life.”

Watch the full video above.