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’13 Reasons Why': Somebody Might’ve Found Clay Jensen on Google Maps

You can find many of the show’s locations on Google Maps

A recent Google Maps find shows that Clay Jensen from “13 Reasons Why” is real and that he lives in San Rafael, California.

OK, maybe not, but somebody did find a snapshot from the filming of “13 Reasons Why” with what appears to be Clay (played by Dylan Minnette) in it, and it’s up on Google Maps.

Popsugar reported on the finding after a search for the Jensen family home. It’s not in the show’s continuity, but the house that is used in the series is at 233 Bayview St. in San Rafael, California. The face of the pedestrian in the photo is blurred, but the costume is reminiscent of what Clay wears. He’s also got earbuds draped around his neck like, maybe, he just got done listening to the tapes.

13 reasons why clay jensen

Google Maps

It’s clear that something is being filmed at — or near — the house. If you zoom out and spin the street view around, you can see trucks and other workers lining the suburban street.

13 reasons why street

Google Maps

“13 Reasons Why” used a lot of real-life locations in Northern California for filming for outside and establishing shots. According to Atlas of Wonders, Vallejo was a popular destination. For example, Monet’s Cafe was filmed in the old City Lights building at 410 Virginia St. The Baker’s drug store — where Hannah’s parents work — is located at 426 Georgia St. in Vallejo. You can also see the evidence of filming on Google Maps.

13 reasons why drug store

Google Maps

“13 Reasons Why” is now streaming on Netflix.