Democrats, Republicans Pump Most Political Ad Money Into North Carolina, Florida

Ad spending has surpassed $8 billion this election cycle

2020 election spending
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The 2020 election has been a boon for political advertising, with a record $8 billion being spent on TV, digital and radio spots, according to advertising-tracking firm Advertising Analytics.

Democrats have outspent Republicans with a total of $4.6 billion on ads, the firm said, while Republicans have spent a total of $2.6 billion; of those totals, Democrats have spent the most — $2.1 billion — on the presidential race to boost Joe Biden, while Republicans have spent the most — $870 million — on Senate races.

As expected, ad spending has been high in some of the typical swing states. With four days until Election Day, data from Advertising Analytics analyzed by TheWrap on Friday shows that the highest spending from both Democrats and Republicans is happening in Florida and North Carolina. Democrats have spent over $314 million and Republicans have spent over $181 million in Florida, while Dems have spent over $313 million and Republicans have spent over $238 million in North Carolina.

Accounting for ad spending from independents, the most money has been spent in California, likely due to the number of propositions on the ballot (companies like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and InstaCart have spent over $200 million in support of Prop. 22), but North Carolina comes in second with over $553 million in spending across the board. Florida follows with over $498 million in ad spending, and Arizona comes next with nearly $387 million in ad spending.

Here are the top 10 states where Dems and Republicans have shelled out the most money for ads on the 2020 election through Oct. 30, according to Advertising Analytics.


  1. Florida ($314,191,209)
  2. North Carolina ($313,150,363)
  3. Pennsylvania ($253,412,402)
  4. Michigan ($238,669,663)
  5. Texas ($222,975,555)
  6. Arizona ($221,698,052)
  7. California ($221,446,045)
  8. Iowa ($197,374,024)
  9. Georgia ($150,851,818)
  10. South Carolina ($132,929,974)


  1. North Carolina ($238,823,687)
  2. Florida ($181,677,954)
  3. Georgia ($159,756,418)
  4. Arizona ($134,211,402)
  5. Iowa ($132,634,216)
  6. Texas ($131,304,967)
  7. Michigan ($130,992,953)
  8. Pennsylvania ($128,707,669)
  9. Montana ($90,208,103)
  10. South Carolina ($85,704,710)


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