20th Century Fox TV Ups Carolyn Cassidy to EVP of Current Programming

Exec has worked on shows like “This Is Us” and “Modern Family”

Carolyn Cassidy
20th Century Fox

Carolyn Cassidy has been promoted to executive vice president of current programming, 20th Century Fox Television announced Friday.

Cassidy has been the head of the current programming department since 2015, and oversees a team that manages more than 20 shows for FBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, FX and Netflix. These include “This Is Us,” “Empire,” “9-1-1,” and “Modern Family.”

“Carolyn took over our current programming team three years ago, and she has done a phenomenal job,” said president of creative affairs Jonathan Davis on Friday.

“Keeping our current shows healthy and thriving is the lifeblood of a studio, and her role is one that combines sharp creative skills, talent relations, and sound financial judgement. She accomplishes all of it with incredible competence and a sense of humor that everyone appreciates, me most of all,” Davis added.

The Harvard graduate is in charge of ensuring that the company’s series are creatively vibrant, financially well-managed, and become long-term assets in its library. She also manages relationships with creators like Lee Daniels, Dan Fogelman and Steve Levitan. Cassidy is an advocate for industry initiatives such as greater inclusion and increasing the representation of diverse and female writers and directors.

She first joined 20th Century Fox Television in 2009 as vice president of comedy series, promoted to senior vice president four years later. She’s worked on hits like “New Girl,” “Fresh off the Boat,” and “Last Man Standing.” She began her career at NBC, working on shows like “Will and Grace” and “The Office.”