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#280: Here Are Some of the Best New 280-Character Tweets

The tweets really get it

After two months of market testing, Twitter finally extended to all users the 280 character limit expansion it first rolled out on a limited basis back in September.

While not everyone applauded an end to the 140 character maximum that has defined the service since 2006, those that did went all out — cramming as much content as possible into tweets both to demonstrate what’s possible, and to make fun of the newly-available verbosity.

Some genuinely fun and often hilarious #content ensued.

Read on for a sample.

Here’s Ben Schwartz with the world’s most famous mathematical constant:

Here’s Jake Tapper proving that reading is fundamental, first with the opening of “The Great Gatsby.”

Followed by the beginning of “The Catcher in the Rye”:

Next up, Genesis:

If you don’t know this classic from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” by now:


An excerpt from “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”:

For some reason this Smashmouth song became a meme and here is possibly that meme’s greatest form:

“Official” Twitter accounts got in on it too.

But before you enjoy it too much, here’s Lin-Manuel Miranda with the rebuttal:

Oh, in case you’re wondering, Trump has a 280 character limit too. Here’s his first tweet after Twitter extended the limit to everyone: