3 Ways to Solve the ‘Social Dilemma’ That Netflix Doc Is Warning Us About | PRO Insight

In the words of tech executives: We are heading towards ”the destruction of civilization, the end of democracy and a checkmate on humanity“

“The Social Dilemma” is a terrifying documentary about the toxic combination of social media and surveillance capitalism — and how together they’re harming our lives and our society.

It’s the story of how the tech giants discovered they could optimize addiction by leveraging techniques of psychological manipulation, in order to earn billions. It’s told by some of the very people who created and scaled these companies — leaders from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others.

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Craig Danuloff

Craig Danuloff is CEO and co-founder of The Privacy Co., whose Priiv app helps people regain control over their personal data privacy and security. He has a 30-year background as a technology entrepreneur founding early e-commerce, ad-tech, personal data and identity validation companies.