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30 Days? Lindsay Lohan Out of Jail in Less Than 13 Hours

An appeal grants the actress bail and sets her free until her Oct. 22 formal probation violation hearing

Looks like jail couldn’t hold Lindsay Lohan, after all.

Just hours after Judge Elden Fox threw the actress in jail for violating the conditions of her probation by failing a drug test, another L.A. County Superior Court judge granted her bail of $300,000.

That means instead of 30 days in the slammer until a formal probation violation hearing on Oct. 22, Lohan will be out in much less than 30 hours.

In fact, TMZ is reporting that the actress met her bail around 10 p.m. Friday night and is in the process of leaving the correctional facility in Lynwood, California — which means she’ll spend the night in her own bed.

This latest twist in the sensational and simultaneously sad Lohan saga came out of an appeal filed by  lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley almost immediately after the morning hearing that saw the actress client handcuffed and led away. Judge Patricia M. Schnegg agreed with Holley that Fox erred in his judgement.

Holley argued that because Lohan should have been allowed bail because her probation violation stemmed from the two DUIs she got in 2007 – and those DUIs were misdemeanor convictions.

As well as letting Lohan out of jail, Schnegg has ordered that the actress get another alcohol detecting SCRAM bracelet — her third — within the next 24 hours and that she stay away from her fave nightclubs and anywhere else that sells booze. She also has to stay away from other people who use drugs and can have her person or place of residence searched at anytime by the police.

Long Lohan story short – expect to see Lindsay Lohan out shopping on Saturday.