’30 Rock’ Gets Totally Meta in Its 100th Episode [Video]

The NBC comedy references the milestone with an episode about the 100th episode of “TGS”

While the ratings for '30 Rock' aren't exactly at the level of, say, "American Idol," drawing just 5 million viewers a week on average, NBC has already renewed the Tina Fey series for a sixth season.

But that didn't stop the writers of the critically-acclaimed show from playing around with the idea of its untimely demise.

On Thursday's episode — the program's 100th — Liz Lemon tries to convince corporate honchos not to cancel "TGS" as it, too, sets about to celebrate its 100th episode. Her argument? "[It's] a show that is number one in its timeslot among men 18-49 months left in prison."

The return of Tracy Jordan to the fold grants "TGS" a stay of execution — and given the "30 Rock" renewal, we have to assume the show-within-the-show will live on well past its 100th episode as well.