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5 Things to Know About Trevor Noah: Jon Stewart’s Potential ‘Daily Show’ Replacement (Video)

The South African comedian has been featured on the Comedy Central show since 2014, and may be in line for the vacant anchor chair

A cone of silence has surrounded the ongoing search for Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” replacement, but a young comedian named Trevor Noah entered the heavily-guarded race on Friday.

Noah, who has been a featured player on the Comedy Central program since 2014, was included on a short list to take Stewart’s anchor chair, media reports said.

“We are not commenting or providing guidance on any speculation about any individuals,” a spokesperson for Comedy Central told TheWrap.

The South African talent has previously worked as an actor and radio host, and made a name for himself on the popular news satire underscoring cultural differences between his home country and the US.

Five things you should know about Noah:

Powerful Global Presence 

He may be a fresh face in America, but Noah’s got international appeal. He counts nearly two million followers on Twitter, enjoys sold-out standup performances around the world (currently in the Middle East), starred in a South African soap opera and served as cover star for a foreign edition of GQ magazine.

Youth Appeal

Noah is 31, tall and handsome. With the right launch he could easily pull up key demos for the show, pleasing both network brass and introducing new viewers to “The Daily Show.” He’s also tapped into the humor and culture of the internet, giving equal attention to a viral photo of Rihanna dressed up to look like Prince as he would a sketch about racial turmoil.

He’s Versatile 

Noah shows aptitude in both deadpan humor and broader strokes. Stewart was a big hit with intellectuals because of his public speaking skills and killer timing, whereas Stephen Colbert was beloved for his dedication to his character on “The Colbert Report.” Noah shows the ability to play all over that spectrum.

He’s Self-Depreciating 

Late night comedy hosts can sometimes play like prima donnas or elitists, but Noah has the DNA of any other Comedy Central star — unafraid to take shots at himself. “I was in the crowd when Rafiki held Simba over the edge of the cliff like an African Michael Jackson,” his Instagram bio reads.

And that aforementioned magazine cover? “Somebody took my picture and put it on the cover of GQ magazine,” his caption reads. “#iWokeUpLikeThis #iUsedPhotoshop #iWokeUpWithPhotoShop #PhotoShopSpentTheNight #NothingHappened.”

 Never Afraid to Go There 

Race and culture are Noah’s sweet spots, but he’s not afraid to go after America’s favorite cult — celebrity — as evidenced by the following tweets:



Check out video of Trevor Noah’s standup and “Daily Show” performances.


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