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5 WTF Moments From the ‘HTGAWM’ Midseason Finale

Shonda Rhimes drama returns Feb. 11

(Spoiler Alert: Do not continue reading if you have not seen Thursday night’s episode of “How to Get Away With Murder”)

In Thursdy night’s “How to Get Away With Murder” we expected to get some answers to the season long mystery of who shot Annalise (Viola Davis), but to get to that point we had a pretty deep grave of dead bodies to move through. As Annalise tried to keep it together, her team of eager-beaver students spent the episode trying to help adopted siblings Catherine (Amy Okuda) and Caleb (Kendrick Sampson)  stay under the radar. Of course, murder is the name of the game here and where Annalise goes WTF moments follow.

1. Nate Threatens Sinclair
Nate (Billy Brown) finally loses his patience with Sinclair and threatens her in front of the whole police department. This turns the tide for the two enemies, as Sinclair promises to bring a lawsuit against him for harassment and Nate turns around and lobs an equally damaging race discrimination suit. She admits, later, that she was only using him to get to Annalise, which only causes Nate to flee her car in a tornado of anger.

2. Asher’s Father Meets His End
Asher’s (Matt McGorry) father is found hanging in his office. The WTF moment should be his death, because he was a pretty awful dude. But, what really makes the moment harder to stomach is when Asher’s stoic mother Ursula (Linda DeMetrick) snaps and tells her son that he is reveling in his father’s death and she now wants nothing to do with him. Asher, the pleaser that he is, unsurprisingly does not take his mother’s reaction all that well.

3. Sinclair is Dead — Long Live Sinclair
Asher is not having a good day. His dad is dead, his mom all but hates him, and now he has to deal with a mouthy Sinclair going off on him in the garage. In a moment of passion, he backs over her body and then just hangs out in the garage as co-workers stop by asking if he has car trouble. No trouble, just a dead body hanging out under the car. Asher, you might need to call someone for help.

4. Let’s Get Off This Body, Shall We?
When Bonnie (Liza Weil) tries to cover up for her lover Asher’s crime of passion, she calls up Annalise for some guidance. She demands to know from her mentor what to do. Should she get rid of the body? Go to the cops? Or just leave it like an accident? Of course, we bring it to the house where the gang can work together to get rid of the body. But who knew that was going to mean throwing Sinclair’s body over the side of the house? It definitely elicited the largest gasp of the entire episode, and at that point there were still twenty minutes left to go.

5. Who Shot Annalise?
The crew frames Catherine as a way to get the murder weapon tracked back to the wayward daughter. With tears and shouts, Annalise demands one of her students shoot her, and just as quickly as Connor (Jack Falahee) picks up the gun, he throws it aside. Annalise begs Laurel (Karla Souza) to do it, but she can’t. So she turns to Wes, confesses to knowing about his girlfriend’s death, and he shoots to kill. But in what appears to be her last breath, she flashes back to a moment as a child, and we finally find out just how close Annalise was to Wes’ past.