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Watch MSNBC Host Turn to 50 Cent for Analysis of Michael Cohen Flipping on Trump (Video)

”He like Trump. Michael like Trump. But he don’t like him enough“ to do jail time says the rapper in video played on MSNBC Wednesday

Rapper 50 Cent made a brief video appearance Wednesday evening on MSNBC’s “The Beat With Ari Melber,” giving his analysis of Michael Cohen’s growing legal troubles.

“He like Trump. Michael like Trump. But he don’t like him enough to go through that for him,” said the rapper in a video, speaking of whether Cohen would be prepared to do time for the president. “He ain’t from the neighborhood.”

The video from 50 is old and the footage that Melber played on set comes from this YouTube video, which not the first time the MSNBC host has referred to the rapper for legal wisdom.

Melber surprised his guest, former Trump attorney Jay Goldberg, with the analysis from the rapper.

“I don’t know if you’re familiar with Curtis Jackson, the musician 50 Cent, have you heard of him,” said Melber. “He’s a pretty prominent musician and when we were covering this he spoke about this and he agreed with you, that the nature of Michael Cohen, that who he is would lead to him cutting a deal.”

Goldberg, who served as Trump’s attorney for 15 years, said he was not familiar with 50 Cent’s work.

After the rapper’s cameo, Melber continued to discuss Cohen’s ongoing legal issues.

“No greater legal authority than Curtis Jackson has said ‘when feds come in the game, loyalty is limited,” said Melber in a “Morning Joe” appearance which was also recorded in the original video — but was not played on air Wednesday.

The MSNBC host is a longtime fan of rap music and occasionally freestyles for fans on Instagram. Rapper Fat Joe and Bill Kristol showed up to Melber’s one-year anniversary party last month in New York City — which made for some interesting photo pairings at the event.