50 Cent Says Justin Bieber Has ‘Michael Jackson Issues’ (Video)

The “Power” actor spent a little time partying with the “Sorry” singer and came away with a few thoughts

Rapper 50 Cent appeared on “The Talk” and summed up Justin Bieber‘s behavior in three words–“Michael Jackson issues.”

“The Talk” co-host, Sharon Osbourne, mentioned that 50 Cent had thrown a party and Bieber was in attendance, rolling some footage of the banger on the big screen.

The video shows Bieber bopping around to some music, throwing up some hand signs and spraying a bottle of champagne into the crowd.

“How was that little boy?” Osbourne wanted to know.

50 Cent said that Bieber was just going through the phases of growing up and “The Talk” co-host agreed and acknowledged that it was “hard for him to do it in public.”

“It’s like Michael Jackson issues,” 50 Cent explained.

Although we could hear “ooohs” from the audience, the “Power” actor didn’t elaborate on what exactly he meant, and the entire cast of “The Talk” brushed over the “Michael Jackson issues” statement as well.

“Everybody gets a little tougher when I’m around,” added 50 Cent referencing the “Sorry” singer throwing up hand signals and pouring champagne.

Bieber, and others too, have every right to want to act a little tougher around 50 Cent — the rapper is known for not holding back on social media. Plus he plays a powerful drug lord on TV.