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6 Things Scene and Heard at CW’s Short Upfront: Heroes, Villains and Only 3 New Shows

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The CW kicked off its monster Thursday upfront presentation with an appropriate musical performance from Of Monsters and Men.

It was a good thing the network booked the band, because with just three new series, it was a pretty short show otherwise. But it was mighty in its claims and boasts, and network president Mark Pedowitz wouldn’t let anybody forget about the year he just had.

Mostly, Pedowitz and friends touted the ratings success of “The Flash” and the awards attention for “Jane the Virgin.” Guests at the New York City Center were also treated to teasers of the CW’s lone three new series: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Containment” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” But only one of them, “Ex-Girlfriend,” is even airing this fall.

The theme of the event was “heroes and villains,” a nod to the comic book direction that CW is clearly invested in. At the end of the show that lasted less than an hour, Pedowitz shared a bow with all of his “heroes and villains,” the actors and actresses who make up the broadcast channel’s roster.

Here are six things TheWrap saw and heard while in person at CW’s upfront event:

Of Monsters and Men Rock the City
Five-piece indie rock band Of Monsters and Men rung the morning and upfront event in to the delight of everyone in attendance at the steeply seated New York City Center. The group behind 2011’s No. 1 single “Little Talks” provided audible coffee for journalists and advertising folks who are ready to wind down 2015’s upfront season. They also offered the aforementioned filler, but the crowd seemed into it.

Rob Tuck and Mark Pedowitz Are Coolest Execs in the Biz
Network president Pedowitz and ad sales head honcho Rob Tuck shared a pretty hip handshake when the latter handed the stage over to the former towards the beginning of the show. The duo did a high fist-pound — and yes, they blew it up.

The crowd at the youngest-skewing channel’s upfront reacted favorably to the gesture, which they surely learned from some of their younger stars.

“Jane” Melts Hearts
“Jane The Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez offered up ridiculously heartfelt, lengthy speech to advertisers and viewers, thanking them fully for their support. She always paid homage to her boss, the “awesome” Mark Pedowitz.”

Rodriguez’s rant sounded like a perfect awards acceptance speech — something the Golden Globe winner now knows something about. The only difference Thursday? No one was gonna play her off.

“It may just be money to you, but it is our dreams,” she summed up to the roomful of swooning media buyers.

Rachel Bloom Channels Inner Bette Midler
The woman behind the titular character in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” charmed the City Center crowd after her own teaser rolled. Taking the stage, Bloom said she felt like Bette Midler, and the actress/singer added a few vocal runs in tribute. Not bad.

Check the adorable Bloom’s Facebook page for a changing profile pic — a promise she made while still standing center stage.

“The Flash” Is on a Run
We get it, Mark Pedowitz and co.: “The Flash” was your most-watched show ever. TheWrap lost count of the number of times the CW chief reiterated the same points about how successful his Barry Allen superhero show started.

We can’t fault him, however. Not only is it a legit hit for the fifth-place network, but with just three new shows, there really wasn’t much more to talk about on Thursday.

Are You Not Entertained?!?
“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” had the crowd jazzed up a the final teaser of the morning — but then the cast came out and did some short, corny scripted lines. We won’t hold it against them, though. The show looks like CW may have another superhero hit on its hands.

Time to walk back down the steep City Center Stairs.