Steve Kroft Reviews His First ’60 Minutes’ Story: ‘I Was Much Skinnier’ (Video)

“I’ve done a lot of stories,” Kroft understates during 25th anniversary celebration

steve kroft

“60 Minutes” celebrated senior correspondent Steve Kroft’s 25 years with the program for its most recent “60 Minute Overtime” segment.

“I’ve done a lot of stories,” Kroft said in the piece.

He certainly has — nearly 500 by CBS’ count.

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Kroft, who began his 25th year on the show in September, looked back on his first story, which was also first for his producer, Jeff Fager. Fager is now the chairman of CBS News. Not a bad career trajectory for either one.

The story, about a surgeon who was quitting her job because she was afraid of getting AIDS from a patient, drew rave reviews from the “60 Minutes” old guard, who, Kroft said, “were not much interested in new people or young people.” Creator Don Hewitt and anchor Mike Wallace gave it a standing ovation, Fager said.

“It’s a great story,” Kroft said, adding “I looked a lot younger and I was much skinnier.”

Watch the video: