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7 Adorable Puppies Help Jimmy Fallon Predict the NCAA Final Four (Video)

Gary Frick Jr. has focus issues — even for a baby dog

Congratulations is in order to Michigan State: The NCAA Tournament is now the Spartans’ Final Four to lose, at least according to Jimmy Fallon‘s puppies.

“The Tonight Show” host used his scientific prediction machine — four bowls of kibble and seven young pooches — to determine who would hoist the trophy at the end of the tourney. Spoiler alert: Kentucky’s historic undefeated season is soon to come to a disappointing end.

NBC’s tiny, furry talent included Brad Johnson, Kyle McAdams, Mary Kennedy, Ted Mooney, Roger Blain, Lisa Armstrong and Gary Frick Jr.

With three out of seven puppies attending, Tom Izzo’s team in green was the most popular food dish. Wisconsin had the second most baby canines, while Duke received zero votes and doggy mouths.

The Final Four tips-off Saturday night on CBS.

Watch the video: