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7 Best Donald Trump Takedowns From Hillary Clinton Star-Studded Broadway Benefit

Great White Way’s biggest stars deliver some of the greatest anti-Trump zingers during two-hour event

Hillary Clinton’s star-studded Broadway benefit on Monday night was an exercise in the ultimate Trump takedown.

The Broadway extravaganza — featuring the likes of Julia RobertsLin-Manuel MirandaJake GyllenhaalHugh JackmanSarah Jessica ParkerMatthew BroderickEmily BluntNeil Patrick Harris and Helen Mirren among others — was jam-packed with some of the best anti-Trump zingers, many of the courtesy of the event’s emcee, Billy Crystal.

Here are the night’s seven Trump jokes that are sure to turn the orange candidate turn red-hot.

  1. Just days after CNN boss Jeff Zucker admitted he regrets giving Trump a never-ending supply of free publicity during the primaries, Crystal joked that CNN had become 2016’s “The Truman Show.”
  2. Crystal slammed Trump’s repeated threats to sue media outlets over less than flattering stories about him. “At one point Trump was the boy who cried Wolff Blitzer,” he said.
  3. The former Oscars host went on to claim that Trump was “the anti-JFK,” telling the audience that his most famous line was, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what the country can do for me.”

  4. Crystal threw down the gauntlet on the Trumpeter, saying that the GOP nominee is “the human form of the hurricane season” with “lots of hot air” that “causes lots of damage and panic but it’s completely over by November.” Ouch.

  5. After joking that those who only donated $50 donors  “schmucks,” Crystal quickly took it back insisting he was  only kidding.  “I can say anything because I’m a star,” he added, referring to Trump’s controversial lewd  comments about women from a recently unearthed 2005 interview with former “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush.

  6. Not exactly an anti-Trump joke but still hysterical: Barbra Streisand, one of Clinton’s biggest Hollywood supporters, stood in for the man upstairs, playing the voice of God. As her divine voice could popped through the venue’s speakers, she introduced herself simply as “Barbra.”
    “Barbra who?” Crystal asked.
    “You know … ‘People who need people,'” she sang. “That one.”

    “Hello Gorgeous,” Crystal shot back.

  7. One of the best lines of the night went to Sarah Jones who performed her signature characters. At one point one of her many personalities had the crowd in stitches when she said that unlike Trump Clinton understands that “The Great White Way is not a policy mandate.”