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7 Best Moments From ABC Family’s Final Year

TheWrap Rewind 2015: From unmasking ”A“ to the youngest gay kiss in TV history, a look back at the network’s best moments before it becomes Freeform in January

When ABC Family becomes Freeform in 2016, the name-change will come with a new logo, new shows and a new mystery on “Pretty Little Liars.” But that doesn’t mean the network’s 2015 didn’t include plenty of moments worth remembering. Between the controversial gay kiss on “The Fosters,” and the transgender reveal on “Pretty Little Liars,” the network didn’t pull any punches.

As 2015 draws to a close, TheWrap looks back on the best moments from the network’s final year under the name ABC Family. See the list below:

Kiss on “The Fosters”

“The Fosters” raised eyebrows in March with the youngest same-sex kiss in TV history when 13-year-old Jude (Hayden Byerly) shared an intimate on-screen moment with Connor (Gavin MacIntosh). Though some slammed the kiss as inappropriate, others hailed it as a powerful and progressive move on the part of the show and the network.

A “Reba” Reunion

“Baby Daddy” held a mini-“Reba” reunion when it had Reba McEntire appeared as a guest star in the show’s August finale, playing arch nemesis to Melissa Peterman’s Bonnie. Peterman and McEntire previously co-starred on the WB series for six seasons, and toured together as country musicians.

“Becoming Us”

While popular culture was still reeling from the debut of Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair, ABC Family debuted the critically lauded unscripted series “Becoming Us,” which followed a teenager whose father was in the process of transitioning into a women.

“Chasing Life’s” Big Death

ABC Family shows are often known for their shocking twists, and when the cancer drama “Chasing Life” killed off one of its main characters, it proved that it was no different. Scott Michael Foster (who also starred on ABC’s “Blood & Oil” at the time), exited “Chasing Life” once and for all when his character Leo passed away in his sleep.

“Monica the Medium” Renewed for Season 2

ABC Family made a few attempts to expand into unscripted series in 2015, but “Monica the Medium” proved to be the network’s biggest success. With respectable ratings, the reality series about a college student balancing school and her job as a medium was the only one to earn a second season.

The Big “A” Reveal on “Pretty Little Liars”

After more than six seasons of twists and turns, “Pretty Little Liars” finally put an end to the “A” mystery in the August midseason finale. By revealing Charlotte as the mastermind behind all of the torture and torment, the show answered questions that have been in the viewers’ heads for the better part of a decade.


Without a doubt, ABC Family’s biggest moment this year was announcing its rebranding, an ambitious move to focus on more than just family audiences. By the time “Pretty Little Liars” and “Shadowhunters” premiere on Jan. 12, the network will have taken on its new identity: Freeform.