7 Most Memorable Jimmy Fallon ‘Slow Jams the News’ Segments (Videos)

Fallon and The Roots have been joined by guests including Brian Williams and Obama to serenade “The Tonight Show” audience

Obama Slow Jamming on Jimmy Fallon

President Barack Obama takes the cake for the best feature on Jimmy Fallon‘s popular segment. Obama reflected on his tenure at the White House, but wasted no time to throw in references about Beyonce’s “Lemonade” and mock Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

He also sealed the deal by dropping the mic — twice — at the end of the segment.

Obama was also featured on the show back in 2012. Referred to by Fallon as “Preezy of the United Steezy,” he surprised viewers by slow jamming about the economy, student loans, and his agenda for the future direction of the country. The video has surprisingly been removed from Fallon’s official YouTube channel, but watch a short clip of it here.

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams has become a slow jamming regular on Fallon’s show. In 2013, Williams joined Fallon to slow jam about the debt ceiling and referenced former House Speaker John Boehner. “Take it from my man, Brilly Willy. Ain’t nothing worse than a soft Boehner,” Fallon said.

Brian Williams returned again in 2014 to share news with Fallon about immigration reform. “Obama’s been waiting for Congress to make the first move so he can whip out his John Hancock and sign a bill,” Fallon quipped.

Mitt Romney took up the mic with Fallon back in 2014 and clarified that he was not planning on making a third presidential run. After Romney declared he would support the GOP nominee 100 percent, Fallon wasted no time to retort back, “Don’t you mean 47 percent?”

Jeb Bush appeared on the show the day after formally announcing he would begin his presidential campaign in 2015 — and then spent most of his visit explaining why he would make a good POTUS, even throwing in a response entirely in Spanish to say he supports immigration to the U.S.

Governor Chris Christie appeared on Fallon’s popular segment, but the video has since been removed from “The Tonight Show’s” official YouTube channel. In any case, Christie joined Fallon to defend his decision to fill a U.S. Senate seat previously held by the late Frank Lautenberg through special election.