7 of the Best Hurt Bae Parodies (Videos)

Where is the loyalty?!

hurt bae
The Scene

These two made a Hurt Bae video about the most serious type of cheating — eating without each other. The disrespect is just too real.

This person decided to just answer the question for Hurt Bae’s ex.

Yes, he says he didn’t count how many times he cheated on her, but let’s be real … he really knows all their names from Tonya to Nicole.

This pair reenacted the video and showed what was probably a more realistic approach to how things would’ve really went down. They added real captions for effect.

You can watch the second part here.

These two parodied the Hurt Bae story in a more millennial manner.

In this version, the most important question is asked.

“How many DMs did you slide in?”

This parody by Bleacher Report gives the two most infamous “exes” a chance to hash things out.

Kevin Durant’s and Russell Westbrook’s cut-out faces are put on the bodies of Kourtney Jorge and Leonard Long III and although the original audio remained the same, it’s edited to show a more “realistic” confrontation of the two basketball players.

Because we doubt Westbrook would ever ask Durant how many times he cheated on him.

This one shows the repercussions of the worst type of possible cheating a man can ever do — cheat on his barber.

It all started because the barber took a later lunch than usual and came back to find his client in another barber’s chair.

Where is the loyalty?!

This extended version is labeled as “Jamaican Cheater.”

Watch and you’ll soon find out why.