Redskins Boycott: 76 Media Outlets and Journalists Oppose Name of Washington NFL Team

San Francisco Chronicle, Slate, Rachel Maddow, Peter King and Bill Simmons among those boycotting the name, according to new study

At least 76 media outlets and journalists are boycotting the name of Washington D.C.-based football team considered by many to be a racial slur, according to a Pew study released on Wednesday.

Rachel Maddow, Peter King and Bill Simmons were among the 12 journalists who have publicly announced a boycott of the name, while 12 media outlets, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Slate and The New Republic, are refusing to use it in their articles. Eight of those instituted the ban in 2013.

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Many more have advocated for a name change, including prominent sports journalists Bob Costas, Cris Collinsworth, Mike Francesa, LZ Granderson, Sally Jenkins, Tony Kornheiser, Keith Olbermann and Bill Plaschke.

Native American group maintain the term is a racial slur. Team owner Dan Snyder has refused to entertain the idea of changing the name, calling it a “great tradition.”