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’80s Don Draper’ Is the Best Thing on Twitter Right Now

Don Draper is a fairly young man in the 1960s-set "Mad Men" — so it's a good bet he'll still be going strong in the 1980s.

80s Don Draper, a Twittter feed from standup comedian John McNamee, imagines Draper applying his deepest ideas to one of our shallowest decades. In a "Miami Vice" style sportcoat, he delivers his insights with the same cold certainty he used to revolutionize advertising in the 60s. But his clients are somehow less iconic. Among his best insights:

"We'll call them Members Only, but sell them to everyone."

"People don't want to avoid the Noid. They want to be him."

"Style. Elegance. Yugo."

80s Don Draper is, in short, the best thing on Twitter right now. Of the things I've seen. Lately.  Follow him.

We've reached out to 80s Don Draper for comment, but have yet to hear back. Maybe Peggy's holding all his faxes.