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‘9-1-1': Doug Tells Maddie He Just Killed Chimney – and It’s All Her Fault (Exclusive Video)

”There is no coming back from that, not for me and not for you,“ he says

Chimney (Kenneth Choi) might really be dead — and it’s all Maddie’s (Jennifer Love Hewitt) “fault.”

Or at least that’s what her abusive ex is telling her in a sneak peek of Monday’s “9-1-1,” which is exclusive to TheWrap.

In the clip from the “Fight or Flight” episode, we see a bloody-nosed Maddie riding shotgun with Doug (Brian Hallisay), who has just kidnapped her after stabbing Chimney in the gut in front of her apartment and leaving him for dead. And Doug is very much in “Look what you made me do”-mode now that he’s got his runaway wife back in his clutches.

Maddie, trembling, asks Doug if Chimney is dead to which he responds, “If he’s not, he will be.” She is visibly heartbroken and starts to tell her husband how nice a man Chimney was until he cuts her off and reveals he’s been stalking her for quite a while.

“You think I don’t know that? I didn’t want to hurt him, I like Chimney. We were friends. But you cloud me, Maddie. You fog up my head, you always have. If you’d had just stayed,” Doug says, referencing how she ran from him and so he took on a fake identity and followed her to Los Angeles.

He gave her her “space” for a while, but “then Chimney told me he asked you out and I knew — I knew I’d waited too long.”

Maddie tries to get Doug to pull over so they can talk because it’s not “too late.”

“Of course it’s too late,” he says. “I just killed a man for you, Maddie. There is no coming back from that, not for me and not for you.”

Watch the clip above.

“9-1-1” airs tonight at 9/8c on Fox.

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