‘9-1-1’ Star Oliver Stark Says ‘Outlandish’ Rescues Are ‘Grounded In Reality’

“When I read it, I’m like, wow, someone really, genuinely went through this,” the actor says

“9-1-1” star Oliver Stark said that despite the show’s crazy 911 calls — which have ranged from a baby stuck in a pipe to a tiger on the loose — everything depicted on the Fox drama is inspired by real life.

“Some people are sometimes like, ‘That’s crazy, that would never happen,’” Stark told TheWrap. “It’s like, nope, here’s the YouTube video… all of it is based on something that really happened. So as outlandish and as crazy as it seems, it’s all grounded in reality.”

“When I read it I’m like, wow, someone really, genuinely went through this,” he added.

Stark plays emergency worker Buck, who is grappling with what we may a sex addiction when we meet him. Despite his personal troubles, he’s one of the best on the team, regularly putting himself at risk — including trying to save people hanging from a roller coaster, stuck upside-down. (The scene inspired the show’s dramatic billboard campaign.)

Buck grows more mature and responsible through the series, in part because of his relationship with Abby Clark (Connie Britton). It starts at a phone relationship, and stays that way for a long time, as she deals with her own personal drama, including a mother with dementia.

“It was a slow burn,” Stark said, “it took awhile before they even met face-to-face, but I mean they found something within each other they both needed. And I think it’s a really lovely relationship.”

Watch the interview above.