’90 Day Fiance’ Gets Another Spinoff: ‘B90 Strikes Back!’ (Video)

New series will feature “Before the 90 Days” couples responding to “online commentary”

TLC has ordered another “90 Day Fiancé” spinoff, this one featuring “Before the 90 Days” alums responding to “the online commentary for each respective episode in the same air order” from their homes amid the pandemic.

Titled “B90 Strikes Back!”, the new series will debut Monday, June 22, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The show will feature “clap-backs, side eye and some serious explaining” from the couples in a “late-night ‘social commentary’” format.

Per TLC, “With its raw, irreverent style,’ B90 Strikes Back!’ will give devotees of the series something more to shout about. The couples will finally address the online commentary for each respective episode in the same air order, as well as the opinions of the ‘Pillow Talk’ cast by watching clips, reacting to what the pillow talkers are saying and striking back at burning tweets for the most recent ‘Before the 90 Days’ and ‘Pillow Talk’ seasons. Fans can look forward to commentary on some of the most outrageous moments addressed by their favorite cast members directly, all self-shot from their homes.”

Here are the couples who will appear on “B90 Strikes Back”:

Stephanie, 29 (Yonkers, NY) & Erika, 24 (Australia)

Ed, 54 (San Diego, Calif.) & Rosemarie, 23 (Philippines)

Avery, 32 (Seattle, Wash.) & Ash, 38 (Australia)

David, 60 (Las Vegas, Nev.)

Yolanda, 51 (Las Vegas, Nev.)

Darcey, 45 (Middletown, Conn.) and Tom, 39 (United Kingdom)

“It’s always a party on social media during 90 Day franchise premieres with burning questions, plenty of shade thrown and the funniest GIFs we’ve ever seen,” said Howard Lee, president and GM of TLC. “Our BEFORE THE 90 DAYS couples have been anxiously awaiting their chance to respond back to the social media universe, and now is their opportunity! We can’t wait for the party to continue on Monday nights.”

“B90 Strikes Back!” is produced by Industrial Media’s Sharp Entertainment for TLC.

Watch a preview for the new series above.