’90 Day Fiance’ Wedding: Mel’s Distrustful Sister Is a Bridesmaid-Zilla (Exclusive Video)

Welcome to the family, Devar

Wedding bells are ringing, and Melanie’s sister is doing everything she can to put a Liberty-sized crack in them.

“I do not trust Devar,” the bridesmaid says on Sunday’s “90 Day Fiance” episode. “I will be warning Mel and letting her know my opinion. I always have, and I will continue.”

“I know my sister may have a few things that she’s concerned about with Devar,” TLC star Melanie told the camera. “But, I think in time, she will see that he does love me and that he can be trusted.”

The general distrust stems from a familial concern that Devar is simply in this for a green card. Given the premise of “90 Day Fiance,” it’s not a wholly absurd worry.

“I’m feeling awesome,” Devar said from the other church dressing room, for his part. “Nervousness? Nah.”

The groom may become a bit shakier when Mel’s sister starts staring daggers through him at the alter.

Watch the video above.