Colbert Was Sure Sister Won ‘Because CNN Called It for Sanford’

Stephen Colbert responded with a mix of hurt and anger to the news that Mark Sanford beat his sister, Elizabeth Busch Colbert, in a special election to Congress.

"My sister lost! How could this happen. I was so sure Lulu had won because CNN called it for Sanford," Colbert said on Wednesday's "Colbert Report."

With the victory, the Republican ex-governor reclaimed the seat he held before winning the executive office. Sanford's governorship was marred by news that he left the state to carry on an affair with his former mistress — now his fiancee — in Argentina.

"Mark Sanford beat my sister, and I believe that means, Mark Sanford is now my sister," Colbert said. "And on behalf of my entire family, I want to say, we're deeply sorry about him. Now I know how Kevin Manson must have felt."

"I feel so betrayed by South Carolina. If they're going to turn their backs on my family, I'm turning my back on them," he added, turning from an image of the state. "From now on — and I never thought I would ever say this — I am from North Carolina."

He seemed to regret the decision, however, after he tasted North Carolina's barbecue.

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