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‘9-1-1': Christopher Gets Hurt Skateboarding and Blames Eddie for Telling Him He Can Do Anything (Exclusive Video)

Now Eddie has to have a tough talk with his son about his cerebral palsy

On Monday’s “9-1-1,” Eddie (Ryan Guzman) is going to have to face a hard truth when his son Christopher (Gavin McHugh), who has cerebral palsy, gets hurt while skateboarding. And he’s also going to have to figure out how to explain that hard truth to Christopher, too.

In TheWrap’s exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, which you can view above, Eddie gets a call from Christopher’s principal, filling him on the details of Christopher being injured while trying out another kid’s skateboard. At first, Eddie blames the other kid for the situation and doesn’t want to listen to Carla (Cocoa Brown), who tells him he’s going to need to talk to Christopher about his limitations.

But then Eddie sits down with Christopher and learns that no one pressured his son into getting on the skateboard, that Christopher decided to do it on his own because “it was fun.”

“Chris, why would you do that? You had to know it’d be dangerous” Eddie asks him.

“You always said I could do anything,” Christopher says to his father. “You lied.”

Eddie looks absolutely gutted by his son’s statement and it’s clear he must now think about preparing Christopher by for what he really is and isn’t capable of.

Here’s the official description for tonight’s “9-1-1” episode, “Fools,” courtesy of Fox:

The 118 responds to a viral stunt gone haywire, a disaster at a couple’s fishing trip and an epic first date fail. Meanwhile, Athena investigates a woman who doesn’t remember being shot in the head and Eddie is forced to have a difficult conversation with Christopher.

You can find TheWrap’s interview with “9-1-1” showrunner Tim Minear about last week’s spring premiere, and what’s to come in the back half of Season 3, right here.

“9-1-1” airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.