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A&E’s ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ Reality Series Canceled After 3 Episodes

Racist and creepy remarks from star Danny Huff may have helped

A&E has canceled reality series “Adults Adopting Adults” after just three episodes because of low ratings, a network representative confirmed to TheWrap on Wednesday while not addressing the outcry over series star Danny Huff.

Along with his wife Christy, Huff was planning on adopting pregnant 20-year-old Austrian Ileana. In the last episode aired, while Christy looked on aghast, he admitted that his previous plans to adopt an 18-year-old woman fell through as he had developed romantic feelings for her. That’s when Christy chimed in that he had been unfaithful in the past.

Viewers quickly called out Huff as “creepy” and “a predator.”

According to The Daily Beast, the show has been removed from not only A&E’s site, but also Apple TV and YouTube, leaving fans wondering if Ileana is OK and if the police are keeping an eye on Huff.

Huff’s revelation was one A&E had promoted in its original press release for the series: “While some who participate are looking to make sincere familial bonds, others may have more deceptive or even sinister motivations. ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ features some of these jaw-dropping stories – from a woman who wants to leave her mother behind to be adopted by another couple that she found online; to a German prince seeking an adult son to care for him and carry on his title; to a married man who had an inappropriate relationship with a young woman he was previously trying to adopt and is now looking to adopt another adult daughter; and more.”

Huff told The Daily Beast that he’s not the reason the show was canceled. “I never had any inappropriate actions, words, comments, anything to her,” he said of his relationship with Ileana. “I never had any inappropriate actions, words, comments, anything to her…”

He refused to comment on a now-deleted TikTok video from Feb. 2021 where he said, “Racism is alive and well in this country… Unfortunately, it comes from the Blacks. Whites aren’t racist for the most part, we don’t care. Black History Month, BET, all-Black colleges, Black Lives Matter, these are just examples of how racism is alive and well in this country.”

The TikTok video was saved, with commentary, by a Twitter user named Bitch McConnell, who added “Even I can’t watch that garbage #AdultsAdoptingAdults on A&E. That says a lot.”

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