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A ‘Family Feud’ Episode Has Only 3 Minutes of Actual Game Play (Video)

A YouTube video shows that the veteran game show is dizzying without Steve Harvey’s banter and contestants cheering

“Family Feud” has been around for almost 40 years, and one thing about the show hasn’t changed: It really is dependent on the host. It turns out that without  Steve Harvey, one recent episode of the “Feud” would have been only three minutes long.

In the video below (via the AV Club) YouTube user “GeorgeousWig” cut out all of Harvey’s jokes, his repeated readings of the questions, and the families cheering “good answer!” even when their relatives gave a bad one. The result is a dizzying three minutes of answers, buzzes, bings, and other noise.

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If it’s disturbing that one of America’s most popular game shows has 19 minutes of padding in a 22 minute episode, realize how much time it takes to spin the wheel on “Wheel of Fortune” or hug Drew Carey on “The Price is Right.”

Game shows are as much about personality as game play, and those double takes Harvey makes are just as crucial to the show’s success as the game itself.

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Now if only someone would cut a Richard Dawson-free episode of the classic “Family Feud” so we could get a historic comparison.