A Fly Landed on Mike Pence During the Debate and People Are Freaking Out (Video)

Don’t wipe your television screen, that really was a fly on Veep’s head

Mike Pence fly

In what will go down as likely the most memorable moment from Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate, a fly landed on Mike Pence’s head and remained there for more than a minute before flying off. No, really.

During the last half hour of the event, the fly buzzed in and parked itself on some prime real estate — the right side of the vice president’s head where, thanks to Pence’s bright white hair, it stood out plain as day until, just as visibly, it buzzed off.

But don’t take our word for it. Watch it land on him here:

And watch the little guy leave here:

Unsurprisingly, the Fly quickly became the darling of social media, vastly eclipsing the previous most-talked-about thing from the vice presidential debate, Pence’s eye, which looked puffy and bloodshot. (Read about that here.)

Among those who noticed the embarrassing moment was vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ running mate, Joe Biden, who had a pretty funny troll ready to go very shortly after the debate ended:

The Biden campaign also bought the URL “flywillvote.com,” which redirects to the voter registration website I Will Vote. But, of course, Team Biden weren’t the only ones who found the unexpected event amusing.

“I just wanna thank this fly,” Darren Criss tweeted.

“Hey waiter! I’ll have the soup. Mike Pence will have some s— for his fly,” Stephen King tweeted.

In fairness, a fly also briefly landed on Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate in 2016 — but it didn’t stick around for quite as long.

See some more reactions below:



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