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A Kim Jong Un Lookalike Just Crashed The North Korean Cheer Squad (Video)

The man, identified only as ”Howard“ was promptly pushed aside by North Korean security forces

North Korea’s bizarre army of slave cheerleaders didn’t know quite how to react after they were paid a surprise visit by a man named Howard — who also happened to be a dead ringer for North Korean dictator Kim Jong un.

“At the united Korea vs Japan womens’ hockey game, an apparent Kim Jong-un impersonator starts dancing in front of North Korean cheerleaders. Apparent employees of the DPRK push him aside. He’s now sitting nearby giving interviews,” said Washington Post reporter Vincent Bevins who documented the entire incident in a rich Twitter thread.

Bevins reported that Howard, who spoke English with a British accent, was promptly detained by South Korean police who were unclear exactly what to do with him or whether to charge him with a crime.

“What are we doing here?” said Howard addressing police and a large crowd of curious onlookers after casuing a minor frenzy. “This is crazy. We got about ten policemen. What do you think I’m going to do?”

Howard said he had committed no crime and couldn’t help his resemblance to the North Korean tyrant.

The argument seems to have carried the day and Bevins’ reported that he was shortly released.

You can read the wild thread here.