A New Comic Universe Takes Aim at Marvel and DC With Superheroes Born of a Pre-Coronavirus Epidemic

”Long before the coronavirus outbreak, there was widespread concern about the rise of a super-virus. So we tapped into that very real concern,“ AWA’s Axel Alonso tells TheWrap

A mysterious plague breaks out in Southern China, quickly infects tens of thousands, and then begins to spread across the world. It kills most of the infected. The Chinese government decides to nuke the entire region, but it’s not enough to stop the virus’ advance. It’s the end of the world. And then the virus just… stops.

Of the survivors, about 5% wake up to find themselves newly imbued with powers and facing a new existential challenge: What will they do with their newfound abilities?

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Benjamin Reeves

Benjamin Reeves

Benjamin Reeves is a New York based journalist and writer. His work has appeared in publications including Worth, Los Angeles Review of Books, USA Today, Miami Herald, Talking Points Memo and Vice, among others.