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Aaron Carter to Star in ‘Naked Boys Singing!’ and Do Exactly What the Title Says

“I think the naked body is a beautiful thing,” Carter says

Singer Aaron Carter’s latest gig will show him going fully nude in front of Las Vegas audiences as part of a comedy musical revue show called “Naked Boys Singing!

The show’s website cheekily promises “a bevy of gorgeous and talented men, and no clothes – a winning combination if ever there was one!” It’s geared toward a gay male audience and first debuted in 1998. There was a film spin-off in 2007 and now Carter will lead a 12-week performance streak this fall, beginning Sept. 8 and ending Nov. 28.

Carter will appear fully nude in each hour-long performance along with the rest of the cast and participate in the show’s roughly 15 original songs, mainly about LGBTQ culture and life as a gay man.

The show is produced by Tom D’Angora and Nick Padgett and will take place at Vegas’ Jewel Box Theatre (which has shown other scintillating entertainment like “Puppetry of the Penis“) and is reportedly the last fully-nude live show in town.

Carter came out as bisexual in 2017 via an emotional Twitter post that he later deleted. Despite Billboard reporting it confirmed that Carter intended to come out as bisexual and said he was attracted to both women and men, Carter later appeared to walk those comments back when he told podcast Hollywood Life in 2018, “I see myself being with a woman.”

Regardless, the singer behind the 3-time platinum record “Aaron’s Party” and brother of Backstreet Boy’s Nick Carter has been comfortable being in his birthday suit among strangers and fans for awhile now. He started an account with online sex work site OnlyFans last March and also began live camming on pornography website CamSoda in September 2020.

The former teen pop sensation told Variety Aug. 4, “I think the naked body is a beautiful thing. We were all born naked.”

Carter also told Variety, “I love doing OnlyFans. I’ve been an OnlyFans model for over a year now, and people are very uplifting. They make you feel attractive and good about yourself. I love that social media platform more than any other platform. It’s not about the money. It’s about the fans.”