Abbie Cornish and Smuggling Immigrants Don’t Mix in ‘The Girl’ Trailer (Video)

A desperate Texas woman gets more than she bargained for with an orphaned eight-year-old girl

Smuggling Mexican immigrants across the border isn't for everyone — especially Abbie Cornish in  the Tribeca Film Festival favorite "The Girl." 

Playing a Texas mother desperate for cash so she can regain the custody of her son, Cornish's character decides to follow her father (Will Patton) into the illegal business and proves to be particularly bad at it. 

After the majority of her human cargo washes away in a strong current while crossing the Rio Grande, the single mom is left with yet another child she can't care for, an eight-year-old orphan named Rosa.

She takes her old man's advice to drop her off on a street corner and "never look back." The only problem? She looks back.

What follows is called an emotionally fulfilling journey from the executive producers of "Beasts of the Southern Wild." 

Watch the first trailer: