ABC Bails on ‘Eastwick,’ Orders More ‘Forgotten’

Network greenlights five more episodes of the Jerry Bruckheimer drama. No such luck for ‘Eastwick.’

Last Updated: November 9, 2009 @ 6:48 PM

ABC is showing some love to Jerry Bruckheimer’s "The Forgotten," but the magic’s run out for "Eastwick."

The network Monday ordered five more episodes of Bruckheimer’s procedural drama, which has been a steady performer in the ratings on Tuesday nights.

But ABC also confirmed that it won’t be ordering any additional episodes of "Eastwick," the 10 p.m. Wednesday series which has struggled to find an audience. It will halt production after wrapping its initial run of 13 episodes.

No word yet on what ABC will air in the timeslot come January, but "Lost" remains a contender. News of the "Eastwick" passing was first posted by HitFix

Meanwhile, ABC hasn’t yet officially decided what to do about "Hank," the one comedy on its Wednesday lineup which has yet to find any critical buzz (or viewers). Industry insiders believe the show’s a longshot for renewal, though given Kelsey Grammer’s involvement, it’s always possible (albeit unlikely) ABC might try to retool the show.