ABC Brands Shonda Rhimes Lineup TGIT or Thank God It’s Thursday (Video)

Perhaps the network should have gone with Thank God It’s Shonda now that the producer runs their Thursday lineup

ABC has a new tagline for their Thursday lineup this fall. In a nod to their classic TGIF lineup, they’re trying to establish TGIT or “Thank God It’s Thursday.”

A new promo shows the characters of the three shows that make up the night touting the moniker thanks to some clever editing, as well as their love for the one woman they all have in common.

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Maybe the network should have gone with TGIS instead. After all, their entire lineup is now controlled by one producer: Shonda Rhimes. Thank God It’s Shondaland.

It all started with “Grey’s Anatomy,” which launched Shonda Rhimes patented style of OMGWTF television to the top of the ratings heap. She upped her own game three years ago with the addition of “Scandal,” which bucked the DVR trend by forcing viewers to watch it as quickly as possible so they could share having their minds blown live via social media.

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Now, she’s establishing a trifecta with the addition of “How to Get Away with Murder,” starring two-time Academy Award nominee Viola Davis as a law professor who gets involved in solving murders with her students.

A medical drama, a political drama and now a crime drama. All in Shonda Rhimes patented style and all on one night. People are going to need to remember to stop and breathe every once in awhile.

It all kicks off with back-to-back-to-back Shondaland productions on Thursday, September 25. “Grey’s Anatomy” airs at 8/7c, followed by “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.”