‘Ravenswood’ Stars Tyler Blackburn, Nicole Gale Anderson on Season Finale: Hanna ‘Gets Answers’ (Video)

The actors tease the pact and Miranda’s wardrobe change on the ABC Family Series on this episode of TheWrap’s Drinking With the Stars

Tuesday’s season finale of ABC Family’s “Ravenswood” includes a “Pretty Little Liars” crossover when Hanna (Ashley Benson) arrives to the mysterious town.

“Hanna comes to Ravenswood and kind of puts everybody on the spot,” Tyler Blackburn, who plays Caleb, said during TheWrap’s Drinking With the Stars. “And it’s a little intense.”

“And you guys will get more than ‘it’s complicated’ from Caleb,” added Nicole Gale Anderson, who plays the ghostly Miranda.

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The stars say things get complicated for their characters as Hanna “gets answers.”

Blackburn and Anderson also discuss the future of the town’s cursed pact on the season finale and the top secret way that Miranda actually gets a wardrobe change.

Watch the episode of “Drinking With the Stars” above.

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And below, watch highlights from TheWrap’s Facebook Q&A with the Stars.

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