ABC News Dragged by Everyone After Mega Michael Flynn Error

“Can’t imagine why media credibility is in the toilet. It’s a real mystery,” tweets the Federalist’s Sean Davis

Brian Ross

On Friday, ABC News correspondent Brian Ross dropped a bombshell report on “Good Morning America,” revealing that candidate Donald Trump had told him to make contact with the Russians — thus contradicting everything so far coming from the White House on the issue.

The only problem — that was fake news.

Seven hours later, the network updated their story to reflect that the order came from “President-elect” Trump and not candidate Trump — which is a pretty big difference.


The internet, however, was having none of it, raking the network for reporting such a monumental error and then taking hours to issue a correction. Many were furious too that the network statement initially used the term “clarification” before offering a full correction.

… And former Press Secretary and self-described “horrable speller,” Sean Spicer also decided to weigh in.

Reps for ABC declined to say whether Ross would face disciplinary actions for the error.