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ABC News Launches Xbox One App in Time for Oscars

The ABC offering is first news app on the video game console

ABC News launched a news app for Xbox One Thursday, the network announced Thursday.

The ABC offering is the first U.S. news app on XBox. It offers multiple streams of live video and on-demand content ranging from original ABC News program highlights to entertainment news.

During Oscars weekend, the app will offer clips and live video from ABC News’ coverage, including interviews with nominees and segments on Oscars fashion, trends and history.

Some of the news app’s features include split screen of ABC News live streams on one side while a game or Skype plays on the other; behind-the-scenes footage of ABC-Disney partners, and curated playlists of videos updated throughout day.

The Xbox One app expands on the network’s digital and social momentum: in 2014, ABC News launched on Apple TV and also premiered a Facebook newscast with “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir titled, “Facecast.”

“The app for Xbox One is a major step forward in our efforts to develop new creative forms of storytelling and put ABC News everywhere people get their news and information” said ABC News VP of Digital Colby Smith. “The ability to choose from multiple live streams, especially during breaking news and special events, will provide an unparalleled viewing experience for the audience.”