‘Suburgatory’s’ Carly Chaikin on Dahlia’s Signature Faces, Meddling in Lisa’s Marriage Proposal (Video)

The ABC comedy’s star discusses playing the mean girl with a heart on TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Star”

ABC’s “Suburgatory” star Carly Chaikin gives TheWrap the lowdown on how she approaches playing Dalia and what might be in store for an engagement on Wednesday’s new episode of ABC’s “Suburgatory.”

Chaikin grabbed a drink  and let us in on why her character Dalia isn’t a one dimensional mean girl. Not having her dad or being there for his new marriage have created issues for Dalia.

“People think of her as just the mean girl and this and that but she’s kind of sad,” Chaikin said on this episode of “Drinking With the Stars.”

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She added, “I don’t think she’s necessarily mean, like she is but I think it comes from a place of just wanting  to be honest.”

As an example, Chaikin recalled a scene from Season 1 when Dalia told Tessa she has a veiny forehead.

“She’s just saying that because she does and she really thinks everyone should know that and that she should be aware that her forehead is very veiny,” the actress said.

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On Wednesday’s new episode, Lisa (Allie Grant) decides to propose to Malik (Maestro Harrell). Chalkin teased that Dalia “oversteps her mark” when it comes to the engagement taking place and she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Watch her talk about the episode above. And below, watch Chaikin discuss what goes into portraying Dalia.

“Suburgatory” airs Wednesday at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.