‘The View’s’ Nicolle Wallace Fired Up After Being Asked to Quiet Her Kid: ‘This Tantrum Wasn’t My Idea, Bitch’ (Video)

The co-host admits she screams at anyone who tells her how to parent

A warning for anyone who finds themselves on a plane with “The View’s” Nicolle Wallace: do not tell her to keep her child quiet.

On Thursday’s show, the co-host sided with a California mom who punched out a fellow shopper in a mall parking lot after being asked to control her child’s volume.

“When I got this job, my husband said to me, ‘the one thing you’ll have to stop doing is screaming at strangers who tell you to keep the baby quiet,’” Wallace said. “We were on a flight this summer and this cow sitting behind us, in the middle of the day, is just [huff, huff]. My baby is two-and-a-half, he’s a boy, he’s rambunctious, and I swear I was this close to punching her in the face. I understand the feeling because when you’re the mother, you don’t need anyone to tell you to make the child be quiet. This tantrum wasn’t my idea, bitch.”

The audience reacted with gasps at hearing the self-proclaimed Republican use even a hint of profanity on-air.

“A screaming baby on a plane, let’s be real, it’s annoying as hell,” said Rosie Perez, the only panelist on “The View” without children.

Rosie O’Donnell, herself a mother of five, shared how she reacts to screaming babies while out in public.

“This sounds like I’m tooting my own horn but the truth is, when I’m on a flight and I see a mom frazzled with the baby, when the baby is screaming, I go over to the mom and say, ‘I’m more than happy to take the baby,’” O’Donnell said.

“I’m not picking that baby up,” Whoopi Goldberg responded while laughing.

Watch the video from “The View” above.