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‘View’ Hosts on Obama’s State of the Union Attitude: ‘He Was So Cocky’ (Video)

”He did a little bit of trash talking, which is always the best part of the State of the Union,“ co-host and Republican political analyst Nicolle Wallace says

President Barack Obama’s spunky demeanor in Tuesday night’s State of the Union address dominated the first part of ABC’s “The View” panel Wednesday.

“He did a little bit of trash talking, which is always the best part of the State of the Union. It’s very scripted, rehearsed, and they write the speech weeks in advance,” said co-host Nicolle Wallace, a Republican political analyst. “There was an off-the-cuff part that — no matter your party — was pretty priceless.”

During the address, Obama said he had no more campaigns to run, which received applause from Republican opponents. Then Obama added, “I know because I won both of them.”

Wallace translated: “‘Because I am the president.'”

[It’s] the line everybody is talking about,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said, smiling.

Guest co-host and comedian Jen Kirkman said friends told her about Obama’s witty remark before she watched the address.

“They were like, ‘He was so fresh. He was so snarky, and he was so cocky,” she recounted. “And then I see that, and he was perfectly friendly about it. It was just a little nudge. But I feel like still because he’s a black guy, we have to say, he’s a little cocky.”

“Yes,” Goldberg added quickly.

The ladies shifted the conversation to Vice President Joe Biden who sat behind Obama during the address.

“I’m surprised Joe Biden didn’t whip his shirt up and go, ‘Woo-hoo,” Kirkman said laughing.

“He might have,” Wallace chimed in, referencing Biden’s appearance at the Jan. 2014 address. “I think they made a deal that the cameras wouldn’t be on Biden because he was making faces.”

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