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ABC to Warren Littlefield: ‘Y’ Not? (updated)

Pilot Watch 2010: Fox in business with “Will & Grace” creators


Here’s a pickup from Fox:

Strange Brew (Warner Bros.)

EP/W: David Kohan and Max Mutchnik

Logline; Family comedy set at a brewery


ABC loves it some former network executives.

Earlier this week, it ordered a project from its own ex-entertainment chief Jamie Tarses. And today, it said it was going ahead with a dramedy from NBC legend Warren Littlefield based on a cool-sounding, somewhat "Modern Family"-ish Scandinavian series called "On God’s Highway."

Details on two ABC pilot orders below, plus a scene from the original pilot and a video from Tobias Froberg, who wrote the theme for "On God’s Highway":

Generation Y (ABC Studios)

EP/W – Noah Hawley

EP (n/w) – Warren Littlefield and, from the Scandinavian production company Stockholm-Copenhagen Prods, on which the format/series is based, Henrik Bastin, Peter Magnasson and Martin Piersson.

Logline: A scripted documentary-style dramedy that follows a group of people in the present with flashes to 10 years ago when they were in their senior year of high school. Based on the Scandinavian series “Blomstertid” ("On God’s Highway").

Cutthroat (20th Century Fox TV)

EP/W: Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters

Logline: An hour dramedy about an ambitious single mother who finds running her own international drug cartel is perfect training for navigating the cutthroat world of Beverly Hills high society.


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