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ABC Wednesday: C’mon Get ‘Happy’

Network schedules its ”Twin Peaks“ – like drama in the slot soon to be vacated by ”Ugly Betty“


ABC’s Wednesday night lineup is going to get a little more "Happy" come April.

The network has decided to slot midseason drama "Happy Town" 10 p.m. Wednesdays, starting April 28. The "Twin Peaks" – esque hour will replace "Ugly Betty," which will have wrapped its four-season run by then.

The timing of the scheduling means "Happy" won’t have much time to prove itself if it hopes to land a spot on ABC’s 2010-11 fall schedule. The network’s programmers will likely lock in a lineup for next year by mid-May.

But it also means that, unless it completely tanks, "Happy’s" run could extend into June, giving ABC some much-needed first run scripted far during the summer.



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