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ABC: We’re Not Airing the ‘Balloon Boy’ Episode of ‘Wife Swap’

The network is passing on a chance to exploit the situation– for now.

Imagine this: A TV network is not rushing to exploit breaking news for ratings gain.

With all the chatter about Balloon Boy, nobody would be surprised if ABC decided to rebroadcast one of two episodes of the network’s "Wife Swap" featuring little Falcoln and his wacky family. It would likely be a Nielsen winner.

But so far, ABC is avoiding temptation.

According to a network spokeswoman, there are "no plans as of now" to repeat the Balloon Boy episode of "Wife Swap."

That statement leaves wiggle room for ABC to change its mind and make some plans to repeat the show. And maybe pair it with a Barbara Walters interview with the family as part of a giant sweeps event?

We can dream, can’t we?